Thanks for checking out Sumner Lesson Studios! Music lessons for all ages!  We currently offer guitar, bass, drums, violin, viola, cello, piano, and voice through a variety of skilled instructors.  Please follow the contact tab for lesson inquiries!

"Taking lessons at Sumner Lesson Studios has been a wonderful experience.  My first lesson I came in as an awkward sixth grader who barely knew anything about a walking baseline, now I'm a junior in high school and not only do I know what a walking bass line is, but I also know how to write my own!  Sumner Lesson Studios has some of the best instructors I've ever met, they are always ready to teach, and very patient knowing everyone learns differently.  I would highly recommend taking lessons at Sumner Lesson Studios, not only do you learn , but you make a lot of awesome friends along the way!" ~ Jae Fehrle