Dustin Baird is a musician and photographer from Creston, Iowa.  Dustin has been playing music professionally as a drummer and a bass guitarist in numerous bands as well as a solo acoustic guitar performer for many years.  Dustin developed a love for music at an early age.  Dustin’s father was also a musician, so Dustin was surrounded by opportunities to practice and learn the ins and outs of performing and teaching his entire life.  Dustin began his music career as a percussionist, playing drums for several bands and recording original rock material with friends by the age of 14.  During high school, Dustin was inspired to teach himself to play guitar.  He eventually learned to play bass guitar as well, which landed him his first professional touring gig for the Josh Davis Band.  After several years of experiencing ‘life on the road’ in the Josh Davis Band, Dustin began seeking alternative ways to make a living as a musician.  He began teaching guitar lessons to a few students and began booking solo acoustic gigs in and around the Des Moines area nearly 10 years ago.  Dustin is a graduate of Simpson College with a Bachelors of Art in Marketing and is also a graduate of Southwestern Community College with an AA degree in general education with an emphasis on music.



Dustin began teaching with Southwestern School for Music Vocations alumni, James Biehn, in April 2009 when James founded the Central Iowa Music Lab in Des Moines.  Dustin taught in the rock band program at the Central Iowa Music Lab for several years, in addition to teaching individual guitar, bass and drum lessons.  In October 2011, Dustin returned to Creston with his wife, Samantha and sons, Ryder and Reid, to open his own studio, Sumner Lesson Studios.  In June of 2015, Dustin was accepted into the Southwestern Community College SMV Jazz Harmony Retreat, which led him to enroll at SWCC for a year of jazz keyboard and two years of jazz bass training as a non-traditional student.  Dustin joined the SWCC SMV program as adjunct faculty in the fall of 2017 as a bass guitar instructor.  Dustin also teaches a full schedule of guitar, bass, drum and piano lessons at the Central Iowa Music Lab and Sumner Lesson Studios on a weekly basis.  Please see the Lessons tab for more information.


Dustin can be seen around Central Iowa playing solo shows, playing with a band, or performing at private events almost every weekend.  Please see the Shows tab for upcoming events.


Dustin began Dustin Baird Photography in the fall of 2017.  What started as a hobby and new type of creative outlet, photography quickly turned into an exciting business venture as Dustin started receiving requests for photo sessions.  Dustin’s portfolio can be seen on the Photography tab.